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2016-17 Development and Performance Programs

Provincial Training Group 2016/17

The objective of the Provincial training Group program is to provide guidance in preparing U16/U18 athletes for success at the national level. The program will provide support in areas such as sport science, physical training and technical judo training. One of the outcomes of each of the age specific programs will be to provide a basis on which athletes are selected to National Championships, and specialized training opportunities. In alignment with Judo Canada and the Long Term Judoka Development Model our objective is two-fold

• Increase the quantity and quality of judo training
• Increase the physical readiness and training capacity of our athletes. By increasing physical readiness, these athletes will be capable of sustaining efforts in training at regional and national levels

Sport Futures Program 2016/17

One of the key initiatives of the NSPPI is to build the foundation for future performance. The Sport Futures program will target athletes in the U14 age group for this purpose.The program will provide access to technical training sessions with the provincial head coach, as well as access to sport science. The program will include a competition and training camp schedule integrated with the provincial training group program (U16/U18).

Judo Canada’s High Performance Mandate: Judo Canada’s goal is to produce sustainable podium performance at the Olympic Games, Senior World Championships, Junior World Championships, and Cadet World Championships. 


Judo Nova Scotia Training Pathway

The training environment which exists in Atlantic Canada alone, does not meet the standards of quality that are needed to prepare athletes for successful transition to the National Training Centre program, and ultimately for performance at the international stage. There are two key priorities for the programs in Atlantic Canada (ARTC); 

• To introduce athletes at the U16 & U18 age group to both physical training for performance, as well as judo   specific training at the regional and national level.
• To increase training capacity (physical and mental readiness) in order to prepare athletes for successful transition to the NTC program.

Provincial Team Requirements 

In order to qualify for the provincial team attending the 2017 National Championships athletes must meet the following criteria;