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Judo Canada Tatami Loan for New Clubs

Judo Canada will supply 50 tatami to help with the creation of a new judo club. Click the following link for more information:

Author: Judo NS

In-School & Intro Program Fees

For details regarding in-school and introductory program fees, please click HERE

Note that if someone pays the $10 Intro to Judo fee and they want to become a full member of Judo NS and join their club, they only have to pay the difference ($50) of the full membership – the amount they already paid is taken into account.

Author: Judo NS

2019 Judo Nova Scotia Clinic & Annual General Meeting

Please be advised of the following details for Judo Nova Scotia’s 2019 Annual General Meeting:

-          Date: Saturday, September 14th, 2019

         Location: St. Paul’s United Church; 173 Old Sambro Road, Halifax, NS

*Click the article to view more details!

Author: Judo NS
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