Tennis – How does the scoring work?


In tennis, scoring seems complicated, but once you understand your system, you will no longer have a problem with it. Players fight to win the match, who first reaches six points, wins the set. To win the match, you need to win two or three sets (depending on the length of the match).

The scoring works: 15, 30, 40, GAMEPOINT. If you are serving and winning the ball, you will have 15-0 advantages. If the opponent wins the next point, the position will be 15-15. This is until a player reaches the four points and wins the game. However, you always have to win by two, that is, at 40-40, which is called Deuce or equal, players must first gain an advantage (Advantage) and then, if the next ball is won by the player, he will be the point. If the player loses the next ball, again 40-40, Deuce is the position.

The first player to score six points wins the set. But like the points, the sets must be won by at least two points, ie at 5-5, the player with a score of 7-5 wins. However, to prevent endless matches, TIE-Break has been introduced: at 6-6, the player has to win seven balls to win the set. However, the two-point difference must be here too, so the TIE-Break can be long.

Most tennis matches win three sets, the player who first wins two sets. However, men play five -set matches in Grand Slam tournaments and more prestigious races.

Grand Slamek may differ in others: in some tournaments, the fifth set cannot be won with TIE-Break … This can result Ra ended.

If you just enter the world of tennis bets, you should first check the world rankings. Players get a certain amount of points, depending on their performance on different tournaments – the more pronounced an event, the more. After the names of the players, you should get to know other things, such as the coverings. There are basically three types of covers: slag, grass and hard cover. Each player has the best thing on which cover – again something that can be useful when receiving tennis.

Tennis Tips: Most Popular Reception Types & Markets


Below you will find a list of tennis betting options that are available for the above bookmakers:

⇒ Match – Back to the final result of the match is the most popular form of betting. In the match (12 bets) market we accept the final result: 1 means that player 1 wins and 2 that is the 2nd player

⇒ below / above – receiving games based on a predetermined level. During / over betting, we have to guess that the number of games will be smaller or larger than a predefined number (eg, under 19.5, if the match ends in up to 19 games and. or for all the match.

⇒ Handicap – betting on one player. The Handicap bet can be played for a game or the full match. Handicap is usually determined for the benefit of a player so that theoretically both have the same chance of winning. During the Handicap reception, you can bet on the final result of the match which player wins.

⇒ Handicap 3 Way – Bet to the result, with a player advantage. During The Handicap 3 Way, we bet on the final result of the match with one or the other player winning or a draw.

⇒ Play Betting – Receive for the exact result of a tennis match. During the game we bet on the games played and won (accurate score)

⇒ TIE BREAK-Receive for TIE Break (abbreviation) during the match. When the Tie Break bet is, you just have to guess whether there will be an abbreviation in the game / match.

⇒ Double result – bet for two results (game and match winner). The double score bet is a combined stake on which player wins the first game and which one match.

⇒ Advance – qualifying levels in the championships. During the advancement, we bet whether the player will advance to the next round of the competition

⇒ Winner – Competition Result. During the winning bet we will bet which player will win the given tennis competition

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