Some prominent online slot developers, in no uncertain terms, at random

online slot developers

The number of online slot machine development companies is growing almost like a mushroom, more and more developers are appearing with more and more online slot machines. Smaller and larger studios develop enthusiastically, creatively, tirelessly, half-passingly, some copy, others create, so the range of online slots is endless.

Play n Go

Play n GO is a Swedish casino game provider founded in 1997. Their goal is to entertain and delight their players. Magnus Olsson, the company’s sales manager, formulated Play n Go’s main motivation as “unwavering commitment to quality”.

Play n Go’s games are always graphically demanding and high-quality, and in general their games are well thought out and detailed. Their games started to represent a higher and higher quality, they started to establish a kind of quality standard during the development of their own games. Their headquarters are located in Sweden, but they now have offices in Malta, Hungary and Latin America.

BF Games

BF Games is a small developer that has gained a serious reputation with their games with a special atmosphere. For those familiar with the world of online casinos and slot machines, the name BF Games sounds like a well-known brand name. They like to think up and create their games from scratch, this allows them not to fall into the trap of already known schemes. You can find BF Games games in the offer of almost all online casinos, and not by chance. They compete with games of many genres for the favors of players. With special, innovative bonus functions, they try to surpass the very strong field. Players are welcomed with more than 50 sophisticated games and slot machines, which can be played online, on a phone, tablet or any computer, and BF Games is also present on the market with classic physical slot machines. The graphics of BF Games games create a very special atmosphere. They show a serious attraction to the old-fashioned, “old school” slot machines, you take part in a kind of time travel while playing their slots.

Big Time Gaming

The staff of Big Time Gaming (BTG) is essentially made up of the leading minds of the industry’s visionaries.

One of Big Time Gaming’s biggest innovations is the Megaways game engine, which has been combined with high volatility, so they can guarantee a truly intense gaming experience. One of the basic principles of Big Time Gaming is quality over quantity, that is, they only work on a few games over the course of a year, but they are surrounded by full attention and care. Players are welcomed with demanding graphics and a carefully thought-out game structure. Big Time Gaming not only creates new games, but is also characterized by the further development of existing games. Most of the games developed by Big Tame Gaming are a little stylized, compared to the realistic representation of reality, a little more distant. It lends a cartoonish, endearing charm to the graphics and atmosphere of the games. This is how the special BTG character was born. To meet such interesting bonus features in their games as “Cash Stoppa” and “Go For Goal”. Their games are deliberately designed to provide a classic casino experience.

BetSoft Games

online slot developers

BetSoft started its journey in 2006, at that time it made its mark on the table of gambling development companies with the development of innovative, 3D online slot machines. It was 3D and a movie-like look, the graphic standard with which BetSoft’s name became synonymous in the market for a long time.

BetSoft started its conquering journey from a small English town, Lytham St.Annes, and then gradually a number of talented software development engineers, designers, 3D animators and other specialists started working for the company. They have been licensed by the Maltese authorities since 2011, and in 2016 they switched from Adobe’s Flash platform to the next-level market standard, HTML5 technology. Today, they are considered a medium-sized market player with more than 50 employees. BetSoft’s games have a special character, a kind of fairytale-like, stylized graphics are characteristic of their graphics, often as if we were seeing the sets of a puppet movie. His characters are usually stylized, not realism, but some kind of abstract fairy tale.

Red Tiger

Red Tiger, one of the most renowned game developers, offers a variety of exciting and attractive casino games. Red Tiger was founded in 2014 by industry veterans with the aim of conquering the European and Asian markets. There are already more than 100 online slot machines on their palette, but of course they also develop table games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. On average, they come up with 25 new games a year, which means they launch an average of 2 games a month, so they dictate a serious pace of development in order to keep up with such competitive, big names. Red Tiger games are not just simple replicas of field games. Red Tiger is working hard on the development of noticeably specific functions, they are trying to make the gameplay more colorful and interesting. Bonuses are built in, you can trigger all kinds of functions by spinning a given (number) of symbols.

The graphics of Red Tiger’s games are generally nice and lovable, the gameplay is enjoyable, although I suspect that the themes are developed rather quickly, so they do not contain particularly revolutionary elements, and they also have a repetitive nature. However, what is definitely noticeable is the effort that can be made in the design of functions and bonuses, to always strive to provide something extra, interesting compared to the games of other game developers.


online slot developers

Amatic Industries has been present in the field of game developers since 1993 as a game program and game platform developer and service provider. Since its more than 28 years of existence, it has gained considerable experience in the international gambling and casino market. Amatic, a company based in Austria, but also has several branches in Germany. Amanet, a division of Amatic Industries, is responsible for game development. Each of their games is written in HTML5 markup, the main advantage of which is that they run on all platforms, regardless of operating system.

The division of Amatic, Amanet develops not only online slot machines, but also classic slot machine systems, roulette and black jack tables, which are present in physical form in casinos or other entertainment spaces. Amatic has a strong affinity for fruity themes and Egyptian and Aztec culture. The vast majority of their slot machines are inspired by these basic themes. Graphically, they present an “oldschool”, retro world. In terms of aesthetics, the vast majority of the games seem a bit outdated, but there are also online slots with a very modern design.

No Limit City

NoLimit City, now with 10 years of experience, colors the “stage” of online slot machines and casino games. Players know the developer NoLimit City (NLC) for their demanding, deeply developed games featuring good ideas. The name of NoLimit City is synonymous with high-resolution, beautifully designed graphics, and the meaning of carefully designed and developed quality games. The mood and atmosphere of their games are often amazing. My experience with NoLimit City’s online slot machines is very favorable, while playing their games I got the impression that the developer really represents quality and invests serious creative energy in the development of the games. He also tries to present existing, repetitive topics from a new approach, providing them with more interesting ideas.

ELK Studios

The high-quality Swedish company ELK Studios opened its doors in 2013. They have already won numerous awards and recognitions, so it is worth paying attention to ELK Studios, one of the most interesting gambling service providers currently on the market. I have been lucky enough to play all the ELK Studios games released to date, and based on my experiences and impressions, I can say that the name ELK Studios is truly synonymous with high quality and thorough craftsmanship. ELK always tries to approach the topics from a more specific aspect and even if it does not come up with a completely unique topic, it can serve even the boringly repeated topics in such a way that there is something unique in it, but at least the games give a pleasant and lovable experience. The music is often so good that you listen to it for a long time between two spins, the music alone is worth playing some games.

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