Handball Tips: Match Receive

Handball Tips

The most common type of handball reception is a smooth match reception when you guess the outcome of a particular clash. There are three possible results in handball: victory, draw and defeat. Therefore, this type of bet is sometimes called 1×2 bet, as you make money for one of the three possible outcomes: the home team’s victory (1), a draw (x) or the success of the guest team (2).

This type of betting is based on all handball -related sports betting, as bettors usually try to hit the final result of the match.

Handball Reception – Handicpe Receive

Fans of online sports betting and handball betting have certainly heard of the hendicure reception, which is also a very popular type of betting. During the hendicure reception, the bookmakers will give the weaker team a goal before the start of the match, which will then be added to the final result.

For example, if you bet Telekom Veszprém is starting a game against Csurgó with a handicap in Veszprém, Veszprém will have to score at least fourteen goals to make your bet successful and get your money.

Handball Receive – Under/over bet

Handball Tips

Reception during/above is also very popular within the berkes of handball reception. In this case, all you have to do is guess the expected goal number of the meeting: for example, if you bet Telekom’s Veszprém-Csurgó KK meeting will be more than 62.5 goals, you won the bet at 63rd hit, but if the teams do not get away the 63 -goal dream limit: unfortunately you lost…

Handball Reception – winners of championships, tournaments

Unibet players prefer to guess the winner of the various national team tournaments, national championships or the Champions League, so -called long -term bets. These are huge bets, the odds are constantly changing during the season, so you have to wait for the right moment.

Of course, it’s never easy to predict the final winning team, but that’s why the prize is much bigger if you succeed. Not to mention that you will have another reason to watch your favorite team matches.

Handball Reception – troops

Handball Tips

Handball is a priority sport, club teams also stand in the most famous series of Europe, and even for years, the Audi ETO KC of Győr was considered to be dominant in the Women’s Champions League. The Small Plain team has collected BL titles in the Final Four in Budapest. His biggest domestic rival is the Ferencváros TC, which became a champion last year, but was not really well on the European stage and was unable to follow the Győr ETO.

For men, two teams compete with each other: MOL Pick Szeged and Telekom Veszprém. Last season, the latter team did not come out, and the blue-white team won the point hunt. However, on the international scene, the Bakony Club is a more successful, regular participant of the Champions League Cologne Finals, but has not been able to conquer the valuable trophy so far. This year, both teams have a good chance to apply for Final Four.

The backbone of the women’s handball team is basically the players of the Ferencváros TC, complemented by the strongest players of the other teams.

Unfortunately, neither the female nor the male team has not really come out lately, but since the European Championships and World Championships are held every two years in handball, there is a chance every winter.

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