There are some golden rules for choosing an online casino, which are recommended to be followed in order for the online casino to provide a real experience. Nowadays, the online casino offer is enormous, today there are more than 200 online casinos operating worldwide and their number is constantly increasing, which is why it is important to choose a reliable online casino. Well, let’s see what is worth paying attention to!

The online casino should be available to players!


The first and perhaps the most important aspect is that you can play in the selected online casino from Hungary, that is, it is available to without any restrictions. In the past, Hungarian legislation made gambling, and with it the operation of online casinos, subject to an exclusive license. Thus, only a small number of casinos could legally operate in Hungary, despite the fact that at the international level there was already a huge range of online casinos and online sports betting.

Since these online casino and online sports betting regulations are not in line with the European Union directives, it is increasingly rare nowadays for Hungarian players to find themselves unable to use an online casino as a Hungarian citizen.

BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION! We only list online casinos that are safely accessible to Hungarian players. If you end up choosing another online casino (we don’t recommend it!), you should first clarify whether the given online casino can be used by citizens. In the case of an unknown casino, it is definitely worth asking the customer service of the online casino before registering and making a payment. If it is not clearly stated on the page, ask about it in chat and take a screenshot of the answer to avoid future problems. We also take this aspect into account when compiling the List of Online Casinos 2023.

The chosen online casino must be reliable, well-known and reputable!


The reliability and reputation of an online casino can be assessed in terms of many things. Obviously, the more parameters that seem to be good, the better the choice overall. Unfortunately, as in all areas of life, there are problematic casinos here as well, and of course there are cases about how they tried to defraud the player in question. That is why CasinoGuru regularly checks the casinos listed here, and if our experts find something about an online casino that is unfair or unfair to the players, we will immediately remove it from our list of “reliable online Hungarian casinos”.

In order for you to see what tricks are used by unreliable casinos, we have listed some of them below:

Although the given online casino uses well-known and reliable software, it manipulates them or creates similar ones in such a way that their chances of winning differ significantly from the real one, of course in favor of the online casino.

The casino withholds the payment of the prize without any justification, and in the meantime takes time, for example by asking you to go through the identification process again and again (for example, you have to repeatedly confirm that you are over 18 years old).

Regarding the prize, the online casino will contact you before the payment and say or write that the prize is actually the result of an unexpected technical problem or software error, so it is not real. Of course, along with all this, it offers some compensation, which of course is only a fraction of the real prize.

In connection with the prize, the online casino raises the minimum payout amount to encourage you to play again.

In most cases, these and similar problems can be solved through the online customer service, but in the event of a complaint, you can also contact the regulatory authority of the country where the operation of the given online casino is officially registered. Of course, there are also countries where the online casino is “fundamentally right”, such as Panama, Costa Rica or the Seychelles. The Hungarian players have no chance here. At the same time, if the registered seat of the online casino is, for example, Malta or the Isle of Man, there is a good chance that we can assert our rights against the online casino by involving the authorities there.

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