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Mandatory Mask Update!

As many of you know, last week Premier Stephen McNeil announced that come July 31st, non-medical masks will be mandatory in indoor places for sport and recreational activities except while doing an activity where a mask cannot be worn; this includes indoor Judo facilities/dojos. 
We wanted to cascade to members that starting tomorrow, anyone entering a Judo facility (including coaches, athletes, parents, etc.) must wear a mask prior to entering the space. Masks must be worn up until activity begins, which the athlete and coach can then remove their mask for the duration of the activity if they feel the activity cannot be done with a mask on. Once the activity is complete, everyone must put their masks back on and can only remove them once they are outside of the facility.
We encourage all clubs to have their athletes/coaches wear a mask the entire duration of the training session and to use their discretion if they feel the activities cannot be done with a mask on.
Thank you for helping keep our communities safe!
Author: Judo NS

Tribute - Doug Rogers

Judo Nova Scotia would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of a Judo legend, Doug Rogers.

Some of us had the chance to meet and train with him in Halifax some years ago; an amazing experience.

Rest in Peace.

Author: Judo NS

UPDATE: Judo Clubs in Nova Scotia Reopening Soon!

Good News - Judo is coming back!
Judo Nova Scotia would first like to thank everyone for their patience, understanding, and resilience during this tough time. We are happy to inform everyone that our Judo Nova Scotia Return to Play Guidelines have been reviewed by both Sport Nova Scotia and the Province and the contents of the document successfully adhere to all of the guidelines highlighted in the Nova Scotia Sport Guidelines.

The final guidelines and any other relevant documentation/information has been sent to every club in the Province. Prior to clubs reopening, they will be required to submit a Return to Play Plan that is specifically tailored to their club that aligns with the procedures outlined in the JNS Return to Play Guidelines. Once approval is received by the JNS Board, the club has the green light to reopen in the safest manner possible.

Keep in mind that based on the current state of COVID-19 within the Province and the ever-changing circumstances, all Judo activity MUST adhere to any current restrictions in place by the Government. It is the personal responsibility of clubs and their members to be up to date on current COVID-19 related restrictions.

We are extremely excited to see some form of Judo resume in our Province during this time!

Take care & stay safe,

Mike Lavoie, JNS President

Author: Judo NS
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